Men are like taxis

If their lights aren’t on, they are never going to stop to pick you up.

If their lights are on, they are definitely stopping to pick you up.

And if they are off-duty, they will only stop if it’s convenient for them.

…and for the majority of their time as a single guy, they are off duty.


lights off = they are already in a committed relationship

Lights on = the timing is right and they want a relationship

Off-duty = they are in a non-committed relationship or not ready to settle down

“There is no such thing as an ugly woman, just a lazy woman.”

A friend of mine once said to me “There is no such thing as an ugly woman, just a lazy woman.” Wow is she right!   With the right amount of maintenance, any woman can be attractive. From diet and exercise, to coloring your hair to applying the right amount of makeup to getting mani/pedis on a regular basis to being religious about your skin regimen to whitening your teeth to wearing that lacy black thong that turns your walk into a strut…. Maintenance is Queen! And although I am not a large supporter of plastic surgery, if you need a nip or tuck here or there, then you gotta do what you gotta do.  So to all those woman who take the look they were given and enhance it on a daily basis, I salute you.  and to those who don’t, you better get on it!